Our most recent HPV that we have created.  He has achieved speeds of over 30 mph!!!

    The team took 2nd place overall along with taking
    second in the male sprints, third in the female sprints,
    second in design, and second in endurance.

What are HPVs?

Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs) are aerodynamic, highly engineered vehicles that may be for use on land, in the water or the air. Some land-based HPVs have achieved speeds of over 60 mph. Every year, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) sponsors a national HPV competition in which the vehicles are judged on design, safety and performance. The ultimate goal of the contest is to find a design that can be used for everyday activities ranging from commuting to and from work to going to the grocery store. Senior engineering students can use this competition for their capstone project and with their efforts design and construct a fast, sleek, and safe vehicle capable of road use.

Who can join the club?

While only engineering students are allowed to ride the HPV at ASME's annual competition, anyone is welcome to join the club and help build, design, and ride a HPV. No previous riding or building experience is necessary.

How can I learn more about the club?

We hold short informational meetings every Thursday on the grassy hill in front of Engineering IV (Building 192). This is a good chance to check out the club and learn about what we do. In addition, you can look for us at club showcase events, such as the WOW club fair and Cal Poly Open House weekend.