Atlas was built in 2009. He has achieved speeds of over 30 mph!!!

    The team took 2nd place overall along with taking
    second in the male sprints, third in the female sprints,
    second in design, and second in endurance.

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A Brief History

October 20, 2008 | By: Garrett

In 1977, Marshall Saville built Cal Poly's first Human Powered Vehicle as his senior project.  It was a standard bike with a fairing covering it.  The fairing consisted of bent aluminum tubes with shrink-wrap plastic stretched over it.  As the picture shows, the fairing is dropped over the top of the rider and the bike. Marshall raced in the third International Human Powered Vehicle race at Ontario Motor Speedway in 1978.

First Bike

Note:  To anyone wishing to join, we meet at the grassy hill in front of Engineering IV (building 192) every Thursday morning at 11.   Come by and see what we're all about!