Athena was constructed in 2008. She has achieved speeds of over 50 mph!!!


The team took 4th place overall along with taking
first in the male sprints and fourth in the female sprints.

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Princess   Princess Team Picture  

Per Ryan Fowler, the name “Princess was chosen for two reasons: 
1)  The color turned out to heavily favor pink, and
2) “if we won, the other teams would have to say that they were beaten by a bike named ‘Princess’.  If we lost, the other teams would have to say they beat a bike named “Princess”.


Princess at Fresno 2005--The Cal Poly HPV team won the 2005 ASME competition – second year in a row! The event was held in Fresno this time, and the team was in the top four in design with its’ innovative fairing. You could ride with just the front fairing, or with a front and tail, or with all the pieces (front, center, tail). We actually had two tails: a long one for sprints, and a short one for the road race.

An air-powered retractable landing gear was developed, but ASME officials were worried about charging the frame (which was used as a pressure vessel) with a bike pump to 100 psi. Before the race, it was engineered and a sample piece was tested to 250 psi with no problems. [ASME is in charge of world setting standards of pressure vessels and tanks worldwide.] The officials asked us not to use the system and remove the inlet valve, which was good because we couldn’t get it working! But they gave us top points in innovation and design!

We were first in the men’s and women’s sprints, as usual, although the team from Rolla, Missouri was very close, within three-hundredths of a second. We thought the road race would be close between Cal Poly and Missouri, but we had mechanical problems at the beginning of the race and never fully recovered. Instead it became a race between Cal Poly and Chico, who had a fast low racer trike and some really fast riders.

In the end Chico won the road race by about 30 seconds, mostly due to a crash we had in the last few laps. Even though we lost the road race, we had enough points to win the overall event! 

Team Members

Steven Franco David Ulrich
Neil Jansen Matt Scott
Nate Saichek Paul Avanzino
Joe Leveyssohn-Silva Aaron Williams
Karin Hanzi Ron Layman
Ryan Fowler Marisa Nelson


Additional Pictures

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